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MailSack Week 12 - recorded live 11/22/17

Recorded LIVE Wednesday night. Lots of good calls and questions for Week 12... Lucas and Dirty Jobs and Max get at it!  Loads of great advice, trends and sleepers!  We definitely answered some fantasy dilemmas you're facing!

Jaguars Win Super Bowl? - Week 12 News Waivers and Trends

Professor Chris, Max and Producer Steve cover Week 11 games looking for trends and matchups to exploit weeks 14 - 16. Clement, Fleener, Murray, Seals-Jones and Savage are among the names we chat about. Week 12 news and injuries are also mixed in with the recaps.

The Great Debate - Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins

In this episode of the SleeperWire Great Debate, Professor Chris and special SleeperWire guest Adam tackle playoff defenses for the first time ever on the Great Debate. If you've been streaming defenses, which of these should you stash to help you to fantasy championship glory? Subscribe and listen! 

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