Is Fantasy your Life? Do you know the Sleepers? Are you better at predictions than a Prophet? Smarter than a Professor? More a Fantasy fan than a bunch of Nerds? Know how to manage time like a Clock Dodger? Can you beat people who work for the NFL? This is where you find out. Tap the Ponykeg, call the OG Fellas at the 515 and join the all-for-charity SleeperWire Pro Am!

The SleeperWire Pro Am League 

The ProAm entry contest is now closed and the winners have been chosen. Very soon we will be posting the scoreboards and league standings here!  Thank you all so very much for supporting Rob and SleeperWire!


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One of SleeperWire's founding memmbers, Rob, suffers from Chronic Lyme disease. Our mission is helping Rob get treatments. We do all this; the podcast, free advice, researched articles, rankings and the Pro-Am Leauge for Rob, and it's all aboslutely free for you. We simply ask: when you find our content helpful, support our cause with a donation to Rob's GoFundMe. Every donation helps and we thank you very much. 

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